The Nation of Wind

Put simply the Nation of Wind is a land where the wind is always strong. It varies in strength day to day and is a large part of their culture and religion.

The nation’s center is a large, long dead volcano which houses their God and is the source of the nation’s wind.

The government and people of the nation place a high value on justice and honor and are culturally analogous to a medieval Japan. Clothing and hair in the Nation of Wind are often long and flowing in order to catch the wind, this is the conventional idea of beauty.

The Nation of Wind is also known for their possession and crafting of black glass or, obsidian. Finely crafted obsidian trinkets are a common gift in the Nation of Wind that are often even sought by other nations as a prime example of Wind culture. Many members of Wind religion use holy symbols and implements crafted from obsidian as well.

Of particular note, most members of the Wind clergy are warrior-priests. Paladins roam the lands to mete out justice where it is needed and are known for their refined swordplay. Clerics on the other hand are rather famous for their archery, using specially fluted arrows to catch the wind they are able to accurately fire over incredible distances by sake of their close connection to their god and the wind.

The Nation of Wind

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