The Campaign

The basic idea of this game is this: In the middle of the continent is a massive valley surrounded by large and severe mountains, the only easy way into the valley is a gap in the mountains on the valley’s western side.

Historically, many men have attempted to claim the land within the valley and each attempt has ultimately ended with failure. There are countless rumors and suspicions as to the nature of the valley, its origins, its contents, but the truth is ultimately unknown.

Despite the lessons of history, attempts to conquer the land continue every few centuries, and now is one of those times. A rather influential, powerful, and of course rich nobleman from the Nation of Magic has assembled his resources and his allies in an effort to break away from his home nation and found a new one in the Valley.

The man has put out an open call to the world, calling for all able bodies; farmers, artisans, laborers, and soldiers to come and start a new life. He has offered free land to those who come and help in the founding of his new nation. And many folks have answered the call, eager to make a better life for themselves. Convoys from nearly every major city leave every month for the Valley and more folks arrive every day.

But of course, it isn’t only common folk being called to the Valley. Adventurers are also needed, soldiers can stand guard but more talented people are required to venture into the valley to locate forgotten treasures, explore the ruins of the past to learn the fate of those that came before, and make safe the lands as the infant nation expands.

Your characters are answering this call, leaving behind your homes for whatever reasons they may have to make names for themselves in a new nation and a mysterious land.

The Campaign

The Valley (Name subject to change) Shadeyrou